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Outreach Ministries

We strive to walk out our worship by being His hands and feet. Among our congregation we are raising money, lending a hand, going on mission trips, being involved in non profit projects, visiting the sick and hospitalized, getting to know our neighbors.


If you have questions or would like to be involved, please email us at or call the church office, 440-986-8416


The Sanctuary Worship Team always welcomes the privilege of ministering at youth rallies, camp retreats and other church functions through popular contemporary Christian music. E-mail if you would like to schedule the team.


We are always pleased when our youth decide to attend college, especially when they are studying to serve in the ministry. We strive to help them any way we can, financially and spiritually.


We support missions in any way we can including financially and through prayer. We have seen missionaries in Guatemala and Jamaica and are now in support of Angela Gianakos as she is stationed in Greece. 

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