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Announcement regarding service on 6/7/20

Have It Your Way!


Greetings, Sanctuary people and friends! I’m excited to inform you that we will resume in-person worship services as a church on Sunday, June 7 at 10:30 a.m. We remain committed to the health and safety of our congregants and are fully committed to the calling of a local church to gather in corporate worship for the good of its members, the community, and the glory of God. Following our in-person celebration on the 7th, weather permitting, we’ll conclude outdoors allowing time for sharing and re-connecting. Personalized box lunches and bottled water will be provided for an al fresco luncheon. 


We believe that we can do this responsibly and in accordance with the current recommendations provided by the State of Ohio and CDC for churches. For a time, there will be some changes to the way we normally conduct our worship services, and it’s important to review these recommendations and guidelines before attending. We’re aware that many of these changes will bring limitations, however it’s important for us to follow them for personal safety, mutual respect, and liability reasons. Also keep in mind that these changes aren’t forever, and hopefully only exist for a short period of time.


We are all aware of safe distancing practices by this time, and we should apply them when we return to worship. The following recommended changes will take place to the in-house worship service at The Sanctuary.


Upon entering, greet and speak to others at an appropriate distance. The church doors will be propped open or a greeter will assist at the door where there will be a sanitary station. The chairlift will still be available to transport up to the sanctuary if needed. 


We are not requiring the use of a mask. If you are more comfortable wearing one, then please do.


We will have the pews marked where you can sit. Please sit where you see tape on the back of the pew. Families living in the same household may sit together, others should maintain a safe, marked distance. 


We will not have an extended greeting moment or be providing printed bulletins for the time being. This may be difficult for some, but please refrain from touching others with hugs, handshakes, etc. We have suspended the morning adult studies and children’s church for the next few weeks to observe how things progress.  


We will not be passing the offering plate. Tithes and offerings may be deposited in a receptacle by the main entrance door on your arrival or exit. You may still give through PayPal or Venmo on the website or snail mail directly to the church.


Please limit socializing indoors after service, out of doors is preferred. The church building will be sanitized, pews and surfaces will be wiped down following worship every week.


The restrooms will be open. Certain parts of the building will be ‘roped off’, it’s suggested not to enter the fellowship hall or kitchen. This is being done to assist cleaning staff in keeping the building sanitized. If you have need to enter these parts of the building, please wipe down and sanitize upon leaving.


At this point in time if you are still uncomfortable with gathering in an enclosed place, feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit outside in the church side yard socially distanced during the Sunday worship hour. 


If you are sick, or have been in contact with someone who is, please stay at home. If you are in an at-risk group, we urge you to be sensible using assessment and wisdom regarding attending.


We have a lot of personal feelings about the social restrictions placed upon us at this time, so please extend grace and understanding to one another. Let’s be an example to the world on how to act in these crazy Covid days.


Corporate worship is essential in the life of the Church. I hope that you’re anticipating as much as I am meeting together as we make our way out of our shuttered homes to worship together in the bright, expansive house of God. Psalm 84 reminds us, 


How lovely is your dwelling place,
    Lord Almighty!
2 My soul yearns, even faints,
    for the courts of the Lord;
my heart and my flesh cry out
    for the living God.


Thanks for your faithful support of our church and its family during the Sundays that we’ve been apart, it’s been amazing to see how God has continued to bless The Sanctuary in these difficult days. Even though our world has changed, the power of our God hasn’t. Our hope in Christ alone has not changed. Our mission as a church has not changed. So, let’s continue to find the lost, heal the broken, feed the hungry, release prisoners, teach the nations, bring Christ to all and make music in the heart.


Have it your way next Sunday. Worship with us inside, outside or visit us online!


In Christ,



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